POVAR: Point of View, Action, Results! | Turn what you know into extra income with POVAR
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About Us

POVAR provides a system that empowers people to evolve out of their regular job and launch their own side hustle.

Who We Are.

Founded by Stacy N Henderson, POVAR consists of a team of experienced professionals and network of global citizens who proudly offer their gifts to the world while assisting others in doing the same.

What We Do.

Utilising a system of proven methods drawing on thousands of books and years of practical experience, POVAR provides the tools and guidance for you to choose your future and succeed.

How We Do It.

Through free content, online consulting, workshops and retreats POVAR works to free those who feel trapped in their professional and specialist fields from the bonds of the 9 – 5 workforce.


POVAR offers an assortment of in person and virtual workshops that allow you to interact with others at convenient venues or from the comfort of your living room or office via Zoom meetings.


Life Design Workshop

Using mind maps and timelines to plan your most awesome future possible, you will learn how to ignite the law of attraction and bring into being the things you want the most.


How to be Financially Free

POVAR offers an online course on how to become financially free using money systems. The way you ‘do your money’ in your life is just the same as other behaviours – and when left unchecked, it will by default, stay the same until you consciously analyze your habits and then make changes. Take a couple of hours out of your busy life and change the way you manage your money.


Choose Day on Bondi Radio

Every Tuesday (Choose Day) from 1PM – 3PM on Bondi Radio, guests join Stacy N Henderson of POVAR to share their unique insights into life, community, business, travel, and various topics around making a difference by taking action.


8 Week Business Fast Start

If you’ve had enough of the way it is in your life right now, then you’re in the right place.

Online Course

What’s in the course:

8 videos & 8 worksheets. Some long and some short. You can preview the introduction video for free.

​It’s an sequential series to get you up to speed and making money in a new purpose based business asap.

By The Circus of Ideas

The Circus of Ideas: Adventure

A fun and interactive night MC’d by Stacy with a collection of high calibre speakers. The Circus of Ideas is a project that invites people to come along to talk about important matters in an enjoyable and fun way.


We work with aspiring and existing purpose-based business owners to create workshops, webinars and online courses around topics in which they have demonstrated expertise. It is designed for serious people in the corporate or entrepreneurial world who seek to refine their niche and share their offerings online or through face-to-face workshops. This is accomplished by supporting business owners through the process of becoming instructors utilising the latest online tools and industry best practices.

Life Design
Money Design
Business Design

Our Team

POVAR is a team of talented professionals with expertise covering a broad range of disciplines critical to both new and established businesses.  We have all attained a level of success that allows us to continue doing what we love while assisting others in the process of sharing their passion and purpose with the world by establishing businesses of their own.

Stacy N Henderson
Reggie Mars
Digital Strategy
Amie Padhiar
Video Production
Irene Emily
Web Designer
Seth Lawrence
Community Catalyst
Rache Moore
Event Specialist



Workshops and consults are held in The Change Room at POVAR House, 82 Bondi Road. There is free parking available in the surrounding blocks.

There are also numerous buses that travel down Bondi Road from the Junction interchange. We look forward to seeing you soon.


82 Bondi Road

Bondi Junction, NSW



Email:     info@povar.life

Phone:    (02) 8005 0255